A community college accessible to people of all income levels is essential for building a successful workforce. Having reviewed the budget of Johnson County Community College, if we held the mill levy steady, we would have enough money to cover student tuition expenses. If you vote for me, I plan to lower tuition to FREE for every resident of Johnson County. This would make getting an Associates Degree affordable and accessible to anyone wanting to further their education to better their lives and the economy of Johnson County.



In 2006, the President of the College was resigning in shame amid investigations of allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by Charles Carlsen. In the era of #metoo, it is insensitive and disrespectful for JCCC to continue to honor someone of questionable moral character with with the most popular building on campus named after him. The Board has refused to respond to public comment and continues to do nothing about this smear on the record of Johnson County Community College. If you vote for me, I plan to restore the original name of the Cultural Education Center.



By making JCCC more accessible and more transparent, we can also make it more diverse by addressing our role in furthering structural racism and systemic poverty. I know what it takes to be a single mom, raising a child, working seven days a week at two different jobs to make ends meet. These are the people that should be represented in leadership positions because we are directly affected populations. We can and must to do more to be a more inclusive community. If you vote for me, I will call for diversity and inclusion to be at the forefront of all college decisions.

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